TREE PRUNING  -  Our highly qualified staff can determine the type of pruning that may be essential to preserve or enhance the beauty, safety, structure, or overall health of the tree. This allows us to use the appropriate technique to properly prune your tree.  As an ISA Certified Aborist, we follow the Pruning Standards established by the ANSI A300. After pruning, our customers can be assurred that their trees are not only safe and healthy, but aesthetically pleasing as well.  

TREE REMOVAL  -  There can be many factors when deciding to remove a tree. Our arborist can help provide the information you may need to make a educated decision. Our highly trained crew are fully equipped to safely and efficiently remove trees. 

STUMP GRINDING  -   After a tree has been removed the remaining portion of the tree is still in the ground connected to the root system, our staff can easily grind the stump out, and if needed replace with a new tree.

LOT CLEARING  -  The last thing a home builder needs are trees and stumps in the middle of a new home's footprint. Our tree removal and stump grinding service can be used to clear lots for new homes, garages and sheds. Our expertise also allows us to remove only the trees that impede on the construction, while retaining the natural beauty of wooded properties.

TREE PLANTING​  -  ​Having the right tree in the right place can make all the difference in the beauty and value of your property. Hardin's Tree Service can help determine what tree species will best complement your property and withstand the stress of your local environment.  

BRUSH CHIPPING  -  We can turn whole trees, limbs or even brush itself, into valuable chips or composting material that we can either remove from the site or leave for your future use.  




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